Book Review : Authentic Me by Tiffany Hill

I received my copy of Authentic Me from Tiffany Hill to give my honest opinion about the book and share with our audience.

Authentic Me tells a story of a young mothers love for her kids and family members, despite the abusive relationship she has with her husband. This book explores a true passion of a wife's commitment to remain in a broken relationship to save her marriage.

Hill expresses in this book emotional experiences of domestic abuse and infidelity. Seeking counsel from others, the only hope the mother has is to stand up for herself and not to remain submissive any longer.

Fighting a custody battle in court, this story unravels with a marriage on the line and divorce papers in the process. Wearing a mask of lies the main character attempts to find her strength, perseverance and faith.

This book is an awesome read, with chilling twists and publicity stunts. If you have not ordered your copy yet please visit

Tiffany Hill is an employment law attorney and passionate advocate of female empowerment. She has collaborated with national organizations to develop formal mentorship programs and facilitate open dialogue on matters that directly impact women. She is also a member of numerous service organizations that have a rich history of cultivating female leaders, including Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and The Links, Incorporated. Of all of her accomplishments, being a mom is her greatest blessing. Tiffany attributes her humble spirit to the tremendous outpouring of love and support from her family and friends who collectively provide a source of spiritual guidance and encouragement.

Many thanks to Tiffany Hill and her publisher Expected End Entertainment. Also Tiffany Hill will be hosting a "Authentic Me" workshop. Saturday December 12th at Gentle Hands Ministries in Farmersville, LA information is below to register. WATCH VIDEO