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Lord Akil (Part 1)

From Tulsa, OK. Rapper and Tattoo Artist. Gives us a glimpse into his everyday life and creative mind. 
"I like to be productive, I cut out ways for me to be bored". "If I'm bored, I'm about to go pick up this pencil, or I'm bout to go draw something".

"I'm about to go get off in the studio and try to create a new sound." In this short snippet video, it gives a visual of Lord Akil in his 1 part series and real life residence and artistry. Drawings, sketches, notes. Lord Akil is giving the narration as he visually describes his peace of mind. "I don't care who I'm around I'm a just be myself," says Lord Akil. Check out the video below shot & edited by Julian D. Jackson. 
Lord Akil (Part 1)
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