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21Elementz Houston Film Relief Fund

After the recent Hurricane Harvey that struck Houston. 21Elementz Film Group wanted to help bring light to the city and its surrounding areas. Especially those in the creative arts. Primarily the children, the youth and students who have a passion for writing, directing, and acting. Offering free workshops and master classes in the TV/Film community. The founder Terry Haynes Jr has relocated to Houston, TX to help his own family and associates during the wake of Harvey. Currently 21Elementz Film Group has put together a series of free workshops that would instill, motivate, inspire and spark the people of the city to keep creating mentally and physically.

Part 1 (The Script) learn about screenwriting, developing a script, the breakdown, and where to submit scripts for development. 

Part 2 (Acting) the group would present monologues, participate in exercises, and partner in scenes from a original produced scripts. 

Part 3 (TV/FILM) Learning & underst…

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