Chicago Southside Film Festival 2019
Official Selection

HOME - Julian D. Jackson

Indie Night Film Festival 2017-2018
Official Selection

HOME - Julian D. Jackson

The Climaxx - Julian D. Jackson & Mauricio Griffin

Newark International Film Festival 2017
Official Selection

Faithful Disappointments Chicago - Terry Haynes Jr

The Hollywood Black Film Festival -
Mobile App Competition 2014 

Faithful Disappointments - Terry Haynes Jr

21E Best of The Festival 2013 Awards (Short Films)
1st place Time of the Sluggard- Julian D. Jackson 

2nd place Faithful Disappointments- Terry Haynes Jr

OBEA 2013 Awards
TV Ent-Narr-Long: Julian D. Jackson - "HOME"
TV Promo Ad: Julian D. Jackson "HOME"
TV Music Video: Julian D. Jackson "Politics as Usual"

OBEA 2012 Awards
TV Video Essay: My Brother's Keeper-Terry Haynes Jr
TV Ent.-Short: The Resistance-Julian D. Jackson
TV Music Video: Four Walls-Julian D. Jackson
Scriptwriting: "The Grad"-Mauricio Griffin

OBEA 2011 Awards
TV Video Essay: “Commencement” - Julian D. Jackson
TV Video Essay:“The Trafficing Sequence #1”- Mauricio Griffin 
TV PSA: “Fancy Killer”- Julian D. Jackson
Scriptwriting:“Spoken” – Terry Haynes Jr